Yearly calendar

List the time off, overtime & scheduled time for a single person for an entire year

The time_off array will contain one entry for each day of the year. All dates are in YYYY-MM-DD format.

Each date entry will include the 'scheduled_minutes' property. This is the amount of time a person works on that date, according to their weekly schedule.

The date entries will also include an events array. Multiple types of events can occur on a single day.

  • The 'event_type' field can be either 'custom', 'sick_day' or 'education'. The sick day and education day types are built-in event types. All other types are custom event types added by the user
  • The 'type' field can be either 'time_off' for time out of the office or 'overtime' for extra time worked. Events that have the type 'time_off' subtract working hours from the weekly schedule on the given day. Overtime-type hours add extra hours on top of the weekly schedule.
  • The 'working' field indicates if the time is spent working or not. Some examples for 'not working events': sick days, vacation, various types of absences,... Examples for 'working events': overtime, remote working, education days,..
  • The status field can be either 'approved' or 'pending'
  • The color field indicates the hex color used in Officient for this type (eg FF0000 for red)
  • The 'start_time_minutes' field contains the approximate start time for the event. Please be aware that this time is not always exactly known to Officient. The start time is expressed in minutes from midnight, so 540 would mean 9AM (9*60).

Scope required: calendar:read