Overwrite event

Create a new event or overwrite an existing one in a personal calender (eg a day off, overtime,..)

Scope required: calendar:write

A person can only have one instance of an event type every day. That means no 2 instances of a sick day, of 2 instances of the same type of overtime/day off are allowed on the same date. Because it's tedious to perform a delete-and-add cycle, this API call can overwrite an existing event of a specific type or create a new one if no previous event was found.

This API call is handy for ERP integrations that want to synchronize timetracking and overtime in particular to Officient.


  • The 'type' parameter can be either 'sick_day', 'education' or 'custom'
  • The custom_day_off_type_id must only be set when using the 'custom' type. Use the custom event types API call to get the custom types that are available in a given year.
  • It is only possible to change the data of an event with a given type. Changing the type itself is not possible using this API call.

For ease of use, the 'duration_minutes' parameter can be set to 'all_day'. This will signal that the event should have the duration of the scheduled amount of hours for that day.