This page will help you get started with the Officient API.



It is highly recommended that you use a sandbox account during development to ensure the safety of your production data.

You can create a sandbox at, replacing 'company' with your organisation's name.

To start making API requests, you need an access token for the account in question.

Getting an access token

Getting an access token for your own account

Use case

You want to integrate with your own Officient account. For example, get employee information from Officient to add to an internal tool.


  • Log in to Officient as admin, click the top right-hand menu (your avatar), then click developers.
  • Create a new client app if none exists
  • Generate a temporary access token using the interface
  • Use the access token in your requests

Getting an access token for a 3rd party account via Oauth2

Use case

You want to integrate your own software with Officient and provide this integration as a service to your customers. For example, you want to send time-tracking information of your customers to Officient.


Using access tokens in a request

To authorize any API request, add the 'Authorization' header field.
It should contain the text 'Bearer <access_token>'
This token header should be present in every request you make after authenticating.

Refresh access tokens using a refresh key

The /api/token endpoint can also be used to gain a new access key using your refresh key.
Refresh tokens are long-lived and can be reused.

More information about this API call here: